Spraypaint Graffiti wall in action

What is the Virtual Spraypaint Graffiti Wall?

A Digital Photographic Experience

It's novel and it is here NOW. For the first itme in South Africa - and right out of the United States - comes the fresh, engaging and novel Virtual (digital) Spraypaint Graffiti Wall - for those product launches and events that need something refreshing, that WOW effect.

It's not an ordinary photobooth experience.

We take a picture, project it onto a digital wall and with the use of specialised computer software that has been specifically modified and enhanced by Photographers Galore and an infrared spray can. The subject can make his own background, props or even add graphic items to the photograph making it one-of-a-kind.

Imagine spraying paint graphics and messages on a wall - only the difference here is that this is digitally, onto a screen with a photo of a wall - or a train, or bus shelter - and you are capturing the experience to share on social media, have fun as a group activity, paint on your own photo or a friends.

This is fun. It is great for celebrations and team building. It brings people together, lets them create their own vision and will be something that they will always remember you for because they had the time of their lives and the photograph to prove it!

Behind the Scenes Quick View

Big & Small

Big enough to make an impact, small enough to fit and be built around.
Depth of 1.8m - in which the equipment is stored - makes it versatile and portable

Contained Elements

Compact and easy to set up. Free standing or built into a themed "container". Viewing sizes are:
Width 2.85m Height 1.6m

Attracts Attention

Gets people inquisitive and then brings out their creative, fun side. Loads of laughs.

How does the Digital Spraypaint Graffiti Wall Work?

As you press the infrared spray can, it emits an infrared light beam, which is tracked by the computer. Then AIR Graffiti (digital spraypaint) software converts the beam into a virtual image that appears on the projector screen known as Digital Spraypaint Graffiti Wall, creating a vibrant and colorful drawing. The output is a digital image file that can be printed and/or shared via social media networks like facebook/twitter/email and more. You also have an option of saving the drawing process itself as a video file saved on your computer. Different drawing techniques can be used to create air graffiti: spraying, using virtual stencils, stamps, photo effects and drawing effects, applying specialized painting methods like dripping just like real graffiti make the experience so realistic. Air Graffiti also includes a selection of predefined backgrounds and branded covers, allowing you to add a logo for giveaways, promotions and advertising.

Digital Spraypaint Graffiti Wall

Well, it is novel. But besides that, it is fun and interactive at your event. Once people get the idea of what it is and how it works, they get creative and experiment. See, it has no unwanted effects that paint would have, such as smell, dripping or staining. It is a virtual experience.

Not only is it a memorable, talked about experience at your event, but it allows for social sharing in real time - connecting with their friends and creating brand awareness - endorsed, mind you - by those experiencing this digital spraypaint graffiti wall.

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Spraypaint Graffiti wall in action

Notable Features

  • Most Accurate and Fast Detection
  • Multi Users Interaction
  • Social Publish Options
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Branding & White Labeling
  • Cool out of the box Stamps
  • Cool out of the box Stencils
  • Capture Photo Green Screen Photo Effects
  • Drawing Effects
  • Color Size, Blur, Transparency Undo / Redo / Clear Screen
  • Limit Drawing Time
  • Fully CustomIzed Toolbar
  • Customized Color Palette
  • QR Code Integration Control
  • Cool Spray Can Sound while spraying
  • Customized Stamps / Stenciles / Overlay / Backgrounds
  • Built In Shortcuts
  • And more...

Flexibility In Branding Your Event

This brand new technology is exclusively available for the first time through Photogaphers Galore who has brought this back to South Africa from the USA. After visiting the first “Photo booth” convention that took place in April 2015 in Los Vegas, Nevada, Photogaphers Galore is well placed to enhance your experience with this unique system.

Internationally, the Digital Spraypaint Graffiti Wall has taken off in such leaps and bounds that it is a regular feature on the Today Show, The Super Bowl, American Idols, Nickelodeon and the Teen Choice Awards. Corporate event planners such as Facebook, Google, State Farm, Kaiser Permanente, Dream Works and the Target Stores are just a few of companies who regularly use Graffiti Walls for their events.

Because of the Graffiti walls unique technology, it is ideal for marketing and product branding especially, but not limited to events such as new product launches, conventions and trade show. It is also well suited for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, New Year’s Parties, school functions, Sporting events, Graduations, new business launches and so much more.

We can even provide instant Social Media uploads of the pictures just taken and can also send the subject their picture by email.

Our unique system is the most versatile multi touch digital system available and supports the following features:

  • Multi-Touch Enabled
  • Award-Winning Design
  • Full Screen Interface
  • World-Class Support
  • Green Screen Backgrounds
  • Virtual Paint Stencils
  • Extremely Portable
  • Social Sharing Options
  • Virtual Colour Stamps
  • Session Countdown Timer
  • One Click Save & Print
  • Toolbar Customization
  • Drag and Drop Organization

More to Go Away with

Instant photograph printing is done on site and a CD is provided to all our clients of every photo taken. This feature allows you to keep track of your participants or guests as well as enables you to create a database so you can target more accurately you future marketing campaigns.

The Photo Booth has always been a huge draw-card for any event. With the Digital Spraypaint Graffiti Wall, your event or celebration will stand out because of its uniqueness and versatility.

The system allows for Company branding and each photograph printed, can have your logo, your name and your contact details clearly displayed. Setup and breakdown is done quickly and without any extra effort than a standard green-screen and all our affiliates photographers and crew are well trained to make your Digital Spraypaint Graffiti Wall experience memorable.

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