Corporate & Event Photography

Corporate & Events Digital Photography

Sometimes it is capturing the event as a photo storyboard for company records through to detailed and specific technical shots that captures the essence and importance of a moment, a person or a happening. Nontheless, we are there!

Corporate & Social Events Photography

From our clients brief we accept as our “mission orders” for a beautiful and colourful photographic outcome right to the end product. Through understanding the subject, the importance of the event and the end result, we put the right people in place who can capture the moments professionally and appropriately.

From photographing the event, the people, the special moments, the important people, the crowds, the customers, and the “spirit of the event” to having green-screens on-site with the ability for on-site printing – to give to customers, staff, attendees, and to be socially connecting the event at the same time by uploading photos

For photos that require studio work – for adding branding, retouching, colour correction and so on, the turn-around time can be 2-3 days to deliver

Take away professional photographs that capture your event happenings for the record. Get these in hard copy or digitally or have them uploaded where they can be accessed by the many.

Conferences & Extended Coverage

As an agency, one of our core strengths is serving clients manage complex events that require multiple services and an array of delivery needs. Placing photographers at different points with different briefs to focus points with green screens to capture fun and interaction, while also doing onsite printing and publishing to social media.

Professional digital photographers who have you covered – in full colour – managed or unmanaged.

Our professional services include the application of:

  • Provide a pre-event consultation
  • Know what shots are required
  • Understand how the photographs will be used
  • Capture the essence of the event
  • Be flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Be punctual
  • Appropriately attired – blend into your event (well, mostly)
  • Timely provision and editing of photographs

Other focus areas of professional photography are:

  • Conferences
  • Gala Dinners
  • Brand activations
  • Experiential events
  • Charity balls
  • Trade shows
  • Award evenings
  • Portraits
  • Headshots
  • Team Building Events
  • Product Launches
  • Brochures
  • Publicity Event
  • Workplace
  • Public Relations
  • Websites

Media & Journalism Photography

Travelling with the right equipment to the event, with backup kit too, offers re-assurance that the “in case” scenario is catered for.

The different options to deliver the “photographic product” to the client are dependent upon their specific needs, but can also include delivery, over-night delivery, uploading of files to cloud servers for downloads anywhere in the country and so forth.

Studio & Magazine Photography

When it comes to high resolution, detailed and close up photography, this requires skills and expertise and we match the technical photographer to that specific project. Bringing these skill levels to you means having to deal with just the one interface for everything.

When detailed, specific photos are required, the “right man for the job” is assigned by skill and experience. Sometimes very technical photos are required, or special equipment is needed. We have you covered.

Corporate & Event Photography

Corporate Event Photographers

Being called in to photograph an event for a corporate client means getting it right the first time as there are no retakes. The event happens just once so every precaution needs to be catered for and knowing about the event, the purpose and the outcomes expected (a thorough brief) goes a long way to the end result.

Covering the greater Jo'burg area as our primary geographic location, but our reach extends to all major cities in South Africa.

PR & Event Marketing

Understanding the importance of these events goes a long way to matching professional photographer to project. Capturing “the moment” that makes all the difference to your marketing, to your PR and hence your marketing message is of the utmost importance.

Professional photographs of your corporate events are hard proof of your business’ ongoing success, and always captivates your current and potential clients’ confidence in your services. This is in line with today’s business culture where people identify with a standard and level of professionalism that reflects their standard and what they “like” and can associate with. As such, they are arguably some of your most powerful marketing tools.

The photos taken are an extension of your business culture and speak volumes to your audiences. They are typically used for PR campaigns, email campaigns, traditional & digital advertising, brochures, company websites and blogs.

We provide professional coverage of your event regardless of its scale or nature, by drawing on our pool of highly experienced photographers. We will listen to your requirements, and provide a bespoke service to suit you!

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