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With 30 years of experience in photography, in print media, bulk sport photography and working within the advertising & marketing industries, our “Commander in Chief”, Deon Haak puts that experience to good use.

After obtaining his National Diploma in Photography in 1989, Deon started his career at National Press later known as Media 24. Working closely with various advertising agents whilst representing a large base of print media, Deon was able to hone his skills while grounding himself firmly in his profession as he made photography his own. 5 Years later, Deon went freelance and soon took his skills to the Architectural, Documentary, Front Covers of various magazines and photographed Madiba on numerous occasions. He then went on to introduce “Bulk Sport Photography" into his services and was soon shooting events such as the Duzi, 2 Oceans, the Comrades, the Argus and so much more.

Learning the business from the inside out has given insights of how clients think and want to be treated. And this has stood Deon and his team in good stead.

Photographed with Nelson Mandela

"Early on in my career I had the fortune to meet and photograph the late, great Nelson Mendela, who was gracious enough to allow a photo (which he requested, by the way) at the WWF Fundraiser in Cape Town.

"Madiba always had a tolerance and warm regard for photographers (and certainly many others too) and it was an awe-inspiring experience just being in his presence."

Deon Haak,
Professional Photographer

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Deon Haak with the late Nelson Mandela at WWF Fundraiser

Leading the Way

Staying at the forefront of technology and ever seeking cutting edge creativity and novelty, Deon embarked on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015. This exposed all the latest ideas in Photo Boothing, of which one in particular caught his eye. The Digital Spraypaint Graffiti Wall – an interactive experience that engages the attendees in a creative and fun process of spraying paint (all digital and totally safe), onto a digital photo taken of the person, couple or small group, that integrates green screening into the mix.

This now forms the spearhead of novel photo booth offerings that Photographers Galore brings to its clientele.

Turnkey Photographic Offering

With experience garnered over the years, from the different industries and clientele worked with, from Coca-Cola, Hollard, Auto & General, octagon, Oprah, Mandela Childrens Fund, Blue Media, telesure – to mention a few, Photographers Galore offers a professional photographic encounter, that allows for a photo story to be told of your event or happening. Working from the client brief, we capturing the essence, the important elements, the activities and tell your story through photos.

The “captured memories” are given to the client digitally or uploaded to a space where they can download from. Should additional Photoshop work be required, this too can be provided for.

Photography Studio For Hire

The Photography Studio available caters for the majority of studio shooting – with a size of 6 x 6m of studio supported by a make-up area, reception area and wifi connectivity.

Enter Photo Boothing

Using specialised software customised for Deon specifically to enhance and automate Photo-Boothing to his standards, Deon found himself providing this amazing service at the Soccer World Cup Tour Photo-Boothing for Coca-Cola. His unique system printed out 1000 prints in an hour. This in itself is a remarkable feat.

Deon’s uncanny eye for detail and perfectionism soon had him Photo-Boothing for Corporate Events. This incorporated product launches, team-building and company functions as well as sporting, celebrations and social occasions. It proved so popular that soon Deon was able to cater to all industries through a network of professional photographers nationwide.

A big part of Deon’s success is that he stays connected to the people who use and enjoy his products. He gets to know his clients, always maintaining the highest level of professionalism and innovation. He understands agency standards and what they are looking for almost as well as he understands marketing, branding and corporate identity.

Searching for Novelty

In 2015 the first worldwide Photo Booth show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This show offered Photo-Boother’s worldwide the opportunity to network within an ever growing industry and to see first-hand technology in operation that one had only glimpsed perhaps, on the net.

Deon took advantage of this show to find and bring back to South Africa a unique concept in Photo-Boothing called a Graffiti Wall. The possibility this technology offers brings a whole new dimension to the concept of “instant Gratification” where Photo-Boothing meets interactive creativity. The results are exceptional.

In every aspect of Photographers Galore, Deon maintains a high level of professionalism. His Photo-Booths ensures an effortless but fun, entertaining and gratifying experience. He knows his clients, his profession, his crew and his equipment. He take’s pride in his products and his services.

And Deon plans to continue to lead the way of Photo-Boothing in South Africa. Deon will continue to explore new technologies and new ideas bringing them home for you to exploit in your endeavour to capture the moment instantly!

Why Choose Us?

With "long service" in the photography industry, our experience, knowledge, and work ethic is unparalleled. In professional photography since 1989 and embracing the evolving technologies from film to digital photography, through to sharing on social media and on-site printing for "instant gratification" of staff and clients, or the general public.

Covering every aspect of professional digital photography - from photographer hire (for all occasions - technical, architecture, studio, portrait, and more), to the hiring of open and closed photo booths, corporate and event photography - (launches, formal events, speaking engagements, brochure & marketing materials), cameramen to cover these events, to photography studio hire - including digital camera equipment, lighting, booms and more. Thinking digital photography? - think Photographers Galore. We are great people to work with! Dinkum.

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